Kyoto Association of Corporate Executives

The Kyoto Association of Corporate Executives is a business organization with activities based in Kyoto, the home of numerous World Cultural Heritage assets. Japan currently has three business groups that have significant economic influence. Affiliated with the Japan Association of Corporate Executives, the Kyoto branch is involved mainly in advocating policies aimed at the sound development of Japan’s economy and at promoting the interests of the region.
The Kyoto Association of Corporate Executives was established in June 1948, more than 70 years ago. Over the decades, Association activities have concentrated on diverse themes in an ever-changing economic landscape. At the start, the main topic was “Rebuilding of a Japan devastated by war, and reconstruction/development of Kyoto’s industry and economy.” The focus then shifted to “Achieving recovery of Japan’s economy” (1950s), to “Growth and development” (1960s・70s), to “Economic maturation and internationalization” (1980s・90s), and then the era of economic turmoil (2000s).
These themes have embraced a wide range of issues, including development of the regional economy and industries, urban development, entrepreneurial spirit, perspectives of management of small- and medium-sized enterprises, culture and education, and international exchange. Over the years, the Association has prepared a great number of policy and business proposals as needs emerged. Many have strongly influenced economic circles, governmental bodies, national institutions, academic circles and the mass media. Of course, major topics for consideration have also been presented to the general public.
Many activities have received high public acclaim. These include papers on the ethics and social responsibilities of people engaged in business, suggestions relating to aspects of small- and medium-sized enterprises in Kyoto and the direction they should take, proposals on preservation of aspects of Kyoto as a historical city, and preservation of Kyoto’s culture. At the heart of such activities are the unique Japanese way of thinking (philosophy), business ethics,product processtechnology, design capability and other features cultivated in Kyoto over centuries as the nation’s former capital. These activities are also an outcome of collaboration with Kyoto University, Doshisha University, Ritsumeikan University, Ryukoku University, Kyoto Sangyo University and many other Kyoto-based academic institutions.
The Kyoto Association of Corporate Executives now has as many as 550 members, most of whom are corporate leaders. While the views of members vary widely, the Association aims to consolidate discussion, based always on the following three points.

  • An association of like-minded individuals
    Members understand the Association is a gathering of individuals who act upon the desire for the wholesome development of a Japanese economy based upon liberalisticeconomic principles.
  • Self-training of corporate leaders
    Members strive for self-improvement, to deepen awareness of economic and social issues, and to search for the ideal state as corporate leaders.
  • Proposal of policies outside the scope of any one enterprise
    Members give priority over the profit-loss calculations of individual corporations, to preparation of policy that can benefit society and the region.

Acknowledging the points above, members abide by the “Spirit of Association Activities.”

Basic information

  • Name
    Kyoto Association of Corporate Executives
  • Address
    Kyoto Keizai Center 6F, Shijodori-Muromachi Higashi-iru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, 600-8009, Japan
  • Tel
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  • Chairmen
    Mr. Takashi Uchida (President & C.E.O. of Kyoto Seika Godo Co., Ltd.)
    Mr. Takayuki Sakakida (President & C.E.O. of The Kyoto Shinkin Bank)
  • Members
    547 persons


Kyoto Association of Corporate Executives
Kyoto Keizai Center 6F,Shijodori-Muromachi, Higashi-iru, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto, 600-8009, Japan